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Softspace Solutions is a growing IT training and placement company where every candidate gets the best IT training to develop his knowledge and furnish his skills for a specific job profile. We are a complete Android Training center where you will learn to develop mobile apps usable across multiple platforms. Based in Nagpur, a city which is growing as an IT hub, an android app developer can get numerous opportunities to start his career as an android developer.

Career in Android Development

Android app development is a highly sought after career profile. To become a mobile app developer, you need to have well-furnished skill set. Every business is developing its mobile app, just to reach the maximum audience who has all the web access through mobile only. The means of communication have changed. Every business has embraced tis medium and is striving hard to make its presence in the mobile apps world. Therefore, to achieve this, every corporate is in need of a mobile app developer to create the best mobile apps for their business.

Facts & Figures: Mobile Apps

Do you know? The number of mobile users around the world is expected to cross 5 billion by 2019. Out of these around 1.4 billion are on Android. All these 1.4 billion could be your target audience. It seems unrealistic. But, who doesn’t dream? A mobile app can go viral and get heavy downloads if developed precisely. This is what we teach you here.  From 0 to 100%, basic to advanced concepts in detail.

At Softspace Solutions, you will learn android app development from scratch. Every mobile is not android; hence the development environment will be different. A hybrid mobile application is what we expect in this world to attract maximum audience. This will be suitable for both Android platform as well as IOS.

Android Training with Softspace Solutions

Nagpur, being at the early stage of IT revolutions, you will definitely get ample opportunities in mobile app development. For this, finding a good mobile apps training institute is a tough task. Softspace Solutions guarantees you the best Android training in Nagpur with live project and 100% placement assistance. You will gain this skill set through our android app development course.

In Android training, we provide candidate the knowledge of every technology involved. But, before you start with the mobile app training, you need to have basic knowledge of JAVASCRIPT. If you have some had on JAVASCRIPT, mastering the concepts of android development and related technologies would be very easy.

How to build a mobile app?

A very common set of questions, which everyone has today, is

  1. How to develop a mobile app?
  2. How to become a mobile app developer?
  3. What skills are required to become a mobile app developer?
  4. How to make a mobile app from scratch?

Answering these questions is also the responsibility of a good training institute. We have answers to all these questions. Whenever you join our Android Training program, we assure you that you will get answers to all these questions. We will guide on what’s best for you. Programming for mobile applications development is not for everyone. Still, if you have faith and full dedication, you can become a superb mobile app developer.

Mobile Apps Training: Course Content

There are a variety of applications for mobile apps development. With these frameworks, you will learn mobile app development step by step and in a very precise manner.  We deal the most prominent mobile apps development frameworks. Following are the top frameworks which will definitely give you the best openings in mobile app development profile.


IONIC is a cross platform mobile application development tool. It can be used for developing native Android, IOS and hybrid apps with a single code. Ionic is a leading HTML5 mobile app development framework used by many businesses to build hybrid mobile applications. It is on open-source framework designed on top of Apache Cordova and Angular. It has become extremely popular alongside Angular and NodeJS as a top JavaScript framework.

If you want to learn ionic framework, you must have basic knowledge of:

  1. Fundamentals of JavaScript.
  2. HTML-5 or CSS or SASS.
framework in css in nagpur


REACT NATIVE is a JAVACRIPT framework used for developing mobile applications for Android & IO platforms. It is based on Facebook’s JS library for building its UI which specifically and only targets mobile platforms and not the browsers. The most exclusive factor of React Native, is its ability to translate your markup to real UI elements. This provides the kind of experience which prevents the end user from knowing that the app was not created as a native application.

If you want to learn react native, you must have basic knowledge of:

  1. Fundamentals of JS & TypeScript.
  2. Conceptual knowledge on MVC frameworks and Single Page Architecture.

Mobile Apps Training: Course Content

Developing a career in mobile apps development could prove to be beneficial today and in the coming future. Businesses have a large scope in the mobile apps world. Every one of them is going to need a mobile app for their business. You can become a mobile apps developer for such corporates. Without a doubt, mobile apps development is a propitious career and has variety of applications and platforms to go for. You can become:

  1. A native android app developer.
  2. A native IOS app developer.
  3. A hybrid app developer.

The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you will get huge earnings everywhere. So, connect with us and become a fantastic mobile app developer with our mobile apps training program. For any further discussion, you can contact us.

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