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ANGULAR. What is it exactly? It is the most sought after technical profile today. Extending user experience beyond regular JavaScript is what ANGULAR is used for. The daily growing demand of ANGULAR professionals makes it the HOT CAKE of technology today. To learn more about ANGULAR in detail, you should go for our ANGULAR TRAINING COURSE wherein you will learning all the front end scripting starting from:


To master this profile and to get the one of the immense opportunities, you must go for the best ANGULAR training in Nagpur; provided by Softspace Solutions.

Why learn ANGULAR?

AngularJS is a very well structured front end JS framework created to develop dynamic web applications which are easy to create, require lesser coding. The easy manner with which it works with MVC components makes Angular the most popular technology today. AngularJS has completely changed the picture of web development. Adding multiple and sophisticated functionalities to the front end and improving the user experience, along with easily manageable code. AngularJS training will make you a master at handling the complete application with ease.

Angular Training With Live Project

The purpose of live projects in ANGULARJS training is to make students understand how ANGULARJS works in real time projects. through these live projects, we intend to give them live exposure to available projects which in turn helps them in mastering the ANGULARJS Training Course. Angular training will give you a hands-on experience in working with AngularJS by applying it in real time live projects. This real time experience is the foundation to your basics and it will definitely assist you in upcoming job responsibilities.

Angular Course Overview

  • Data Types and Variables.
  • Destructuring & Spread.
  • Working with Classes & Interfaces.
  • Generics, Modules and Namespaces.
  • Ambients.
  • Directives & Data binding.
  • Components & Modules.
  • Forms.
  • Services & Dependency injection.
  • Routing.
Alongside Angular Training, you can prepare yourself for advanced profiles like

MEAN Stack Training

What is MEAN stack? Firstly, MEAN stands for MONGODB, EXPRESSJS, ANGULAR, NODEJS. The specialty of this technology is that it allows you to write the complete client side to server side code in JavaScript. Being open source, it can be customized as per requirement. Eventually, if you have a good knowledge of JavaScript, you can learn and easily become a MEAN STACK DEVELOPER.

In MEAN STACK TRAINING, you will be learning:

  • Coding a MEAN Stack Application.
  • Developing Single Page Applications.
  • Route the Single Page Application.
  • Write Express Back-End Web Services.
  • Develop Angular Reusable Services, Filters and Directives.
  • Develop faster and high performing APIs.
  • Create database back-ends using popular NoSQL MongoDB.

MEAN Stack Training Scope

Considering today’s scenario, a company will always give top preference to a MEAN STACK developer rather than someone who is proficient in a single language. A MEAN Stack developer is what we call an all-in-one package. He is proficient in using several technologies. This diverse skill-set makes a Mean Stack developer the most sought after candidate than others. In our Mean Stack Training program, you will learn to use all the 4 technologies together to create a futuristic, fast and high performing application.

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expressjs training
nodejs training

MERN Stack Training

To start with, MERN stands for MONGODB, EXPRESSJS, REACTJS and NODEJS. Her we have React instead of Angular. React and Node is a popular combination to develop a dynamic and highly functional app. In our MERN STACK TRAINING PROGRAM, you will learn how to develop a high performing, secure app with knowledge of 4 top-class technologies. The prerequisites are the same as for MEAN STACK COURSE. You need basic knowledge of JavaScript along with HTML & CSS. 

In MERN STACK TRAINING, you will be learning:

  • Build a full stack app with React,Node, Express & MongoDB.
  • Create an extensive back-end API with Express.
  • Debugging and Unit testing on Node.js.
  • Extracting Route Parameters.
  • Redirecting Routes.
  • React router and components.
  • Redux & authentication.
  • API Routing.

MERN Stack Training Scope

MERN STACK training program will introduce the students to the essential concepts and techniques behind the proper and systematic use of the MERN JavaScript Technology Stack. Upon completion of the mean stack training course, students will have the complete and detailed understanding of MERN component and proper utilization rules. They will also gain practical understanding and usable knowledge of all the components of the MERN stack with live implementations. This prolific mean stack training course comes with live application development to help the students reinforce their theoretical knowledge through practical tasks.

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nodejs training

Softspace Solutions intends to provide the best Angular training in Nagpur with experienced trainers and a fantastic learning environment. Alongside Angular Training, we also provide MEAN STACK TRAINING, MERN STACK TRAINING & FULL STACK TRAINING which are the top profiles today. Our training programs are very streamlined and precise, through which we give you the best basic foundation knowledge of every technology you work with.

Join our Angular Training Program today and prepare yourself for the best opportunities.

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