Author: Sagar Hedau

What to Know about Data Analytics? 6 important things

In a simple statement, Data Analytics is the science of analyzing unfurnished or raw data to generate probable conclusions about the related information. The prime goal of Data Analytics is to discover useful information and providing conclusions that help in decision making. Data Analytics allows us to make sound decisions rather than guessing wayward. So, […]

What Are The 6 Factors Affecting Digital Marketing?

It is no secret that Digital Marketing implementations need a detailed understanding of multiple factors. You need to know what are the factors affecting Digital Marketing. You should know: Your audience. Your budget. Most suitable platforms. Timing. Content. & many more. You need to get into the details of these things. Then, you come across […]

AMP For WordPress | Optimize your WordPress Website Easily

Did you Optimize Your WordPress Website For Mobile Devices? If not, you are losing 50% of the traffic that comes from mobile devices. And believe me, this percentage is going to increase. In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices generated 50.81% of global website traffic. Half the public cannot see you or ignore you if your mobile performance […]

AI for Digital Marketing

AI for Digital Marketing: A concept which can be discussed after we have certain know-how of AI. Artificial Intelligence: A combination of two words which in itself is quite contrasting. On one side, we have ARTIFICIAL which means made by someone; on the other, we have INTELLIGENCE  which comes naturally. So, it seems quite strange. The terminology in itself […]

Career in Data Science. Why it is booming fast?

Career in Data Science. Why it is booming fast? Starting the trending topic like CAREER IN DATA SCIENCE with a JOKE might not be the best decision here. Still, let’s have it, “The data science motto: If at first, you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0”. Why Choose Data Science As A Career? Data Science […]

What is the best social media marketing strategy?

What is the best Social Media Marketing Strategy? What is a strategy? A plan to achieve something by performing a set of activities on the right platforms, with the right intent at the right time. Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy is on the same lines. When you apply this definition to Social Media, you come […]

SEO Checklist: Optimize your WordPress Site for Search Engine Crawlers

SEO Checklist: Optimize Your WordPress Site. Good, you have your business website online now. That is a great achievement.  But is it optimized for search engines? If not, you need to follow the SEO checklist we have here for you. You need to tell Google that you are online and ask it to push you […]