AI for Digital Marketing

AI for Digital Marketing: A concept which can be discussed after we have certain know-how of AI. Artificial Intelligence: A combination of two words which in itself is quite contrasting. On one side, we have ARTIFICIAL which means made by someone; on the other, we have INTELLIGENCE  which comes naturally. So, it seems quite strange. The terminology in itself […]

Career in Data Science. Why it is booming fast?

Starting the trending topic like CAREER IN DATA SCIENCE with a JOKE might not be the best decision here. Still, let’s have it, “The data science motto: If at first, you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0”. Why Choose Data Science As A Career? Data Science is an extremely popular topic. It opens several career […]

What is the best social media marketing strategy?

What is a strategy? A plan to achieve something by performing a set of activities on the right platforms, with the right intent at the right time. Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy is on the same lines. When you apply this definition to Social Media, you come up with a Social Media Strategy, which is […]

4 Tips On How to Use Google Ads

Online advertising. The one thing that can bring the audience easily to your business website. Today, you have multiple advertising platforms, where you can easily set up your promotional campaign and reach your target audience. Here we will discuss how to use Google Ads for Search Engine Marketing. If you have a budget to spend […]

SEO Checklist: Optimize your WordPress Site for Search Engine Crawlers

Good, you have your business website online now. That is a great achievement.  But is it optimized for search engines? If not, you need to follow the SEO checklist we have here for you. You need to tell Google that you are online and ask it to push you towards the top with some technical […]

10 Super Digital Marketing Hacks For Business

Want to promote your business? Yes. How? DIGITAL MARKETING. Digital Marketing as of today has grown beyond imagination. It has become critical for all businesses, may it be a Startup or a Solopreneur or a business giant. So, even if you don’t have a great hand on things, the following list of 10 super Digital […]

How to write an appealing Social Media Marketing Resume?

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.“ – Katharine Whitehorn, British Journalist. This is what a job must be. Salary for enjoying work? What more could you ask for? Every working personnel must have one skill. Preparing his own resume aka cv. For a Social Media Marketing […]

Jobs After Lock-down Scenario! What is predicted?

COVID-19: It has ruined every other thing in the world today. You cannot go out, you cannot commute, you can’t even allow anyone to come home. Furthermore, everyone is miserable. Look at your own life within four walls; that’s it.  Corporates and big companies are suffering. The economy has stumbled. The whole world is suffering […]