How to develop your career in Digital Marketing?

How to develop your career in Digital Marketing?



Before we discuss about a career in Digital Marketing, let us see what the word “DIGITAL” means? This word itself carries immense weight today. A Digital Era is upon us in which we are living in today. One or two decades ago, we knew only two Digital things.

digital watch

Digital Watch

digital printer

Digital Printer

Almost 3 decades later, the meaning of DIGITAL has changed completely.  Now it relates to the online presence of any individual, business or a brand. Without going Digital, you are most likely to face a failure in growth. Unless you have a presence on digital platforms and people know about you, you cannot expect to grow. It will be like; you are trying to get rid of your sickness without medication. Similarly, like you want to stay fit without exercising, stay slim with a heavy cheesy diet every day. It’s simply ridiculous and wrong. 

Without a proper understanding of the steps to be followed, you cannot achieve the desired results. You will go down the wrong path and end up with a situation worse than before. To avoid getting into such conundrum, you must get the complete knowledge of what you plan to choose. How?

  • Talk to your seniors or experts in the field.
  • Get an idea of their experience.
  • Understand what they wish to share through their experience. It is of tremendous value.
  • They have seen the best and worst in their time and they have the answer to, “HOW TO MAKE A CHOICE?” 
You will definitely be influenced by their knowledge and their way of seeing things through a practical perspective. The only thing that matters in the ends is, “YOUR CAREER WILL FLOURISH IF YOU LOVE IT”. Else, “IN THE END, IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER”.
what not to do while choosing your career


“I AM DOING IT BECAUSE MY FRIEND IS DOING IT”. This could be the most rubbish decision you will be taking for yourself looking at others. They have sorted it out for themselves, NOT FOR YOU. Be smart. Have a proper perspective. Your choice defines your future. It should not be biased by the decision made by others. Open your eyes, see & know things, choose what you like and then start your career.

career in digital marketing

Too much [OF ANYTHING] is Dangerous !

So, before you go in with half knowledge of what to do and what not to do, you need to know a few things of extreme importance. Digital marketing is mostly theoretical and conceptual. The more you absorb the knowledge, the more you will imply on your work. Become a big sponge and absorb as much as you can. But, just not beyond capacity. The more you learn and understand, the easier it will be to crack interviews and get your desired job. Also, your progress will be good, because you like your work and your boss knows it. You will on top of your game if you enjoy what you do. Overflow of anything is dangerous. Same implies to knowledge. Be precise and keep it contained for your own benefit.

Why Digital Marketing?

It is on the boom today. SIMPLE. Digital marketing is something which is growing beyond limitations. Business growth is directly impacted by its digital presence.

  • Having an online presence boosts sales.
  • Improved sales result in catching new market areas.
  • New areas bring new customers and their references.

It can become a never ending chain.  Constant or a steady growth is what every business expects. This can be achieved today only through online and digital marketing. This is the reason why a career in digital marketing could scale you to new heights.

Where do you fit in all this?

When you choose a a career in digital marketing, you are responsible for handling all the activities related to digital marketing of a particular business. Every activity can be a sole responsibility given to an individual. These activities are the ones which impact growth. It might seem to be a bit monotonous, but the results will be amazing. So, what are these activities?

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO.
  • Analytics.
  • SEM.
    • Social media marketing.
    • Backlinks.
  • Blogging/articles.
  • Content management.
  • Email marketing.

And a lot more.

How can you shape your career in Digital Marketing?

First of all, Digital marketing is an extremely vast field. Right from creating a website and graphics, to content creation and its marketing. The complete online journey of business is between these two factors. These are two endpoints of your online presence. Even if one end is loose, things won’t work.

Your learning and understanding of the following topics will determine your effectiveness for any employer:

Search Engine Optimization

This is the foundation of a digital marketing job profile. Anyone who wishes to become a digital marketing executive must have a basic knowledge of SEO. As this focuses mainly on organic search results and not the paid ones, optimizing for a particular keyword becomes the primary task here.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is altogether different from SEO. It involves promotions in the search engine result pages through paid advertising. This includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, PPC and other techniques. You pay to get at the top of search page for users to have a look at if first as soon as they type the related search term.


The prime aspect of understanding what your audience wants to see and know about is what analytics tells you. It monitors the complete performance of your website, keeps track of visitors, bounce rate, performing pages and much more. The tricky part here is how you gather and use this information to learn more about customer behaviour and upgrade your next advertisement or page performance.

Landing Page Optimization

Where is the audience reaching through your ads? A LANDING PAGE. This Landing page has to be perfect. This is what appeals to the audience to go in and check the website and related services.  An appealing landing page has the power to convert prospective audience into a client. Understanding of this factor is a must. You don’t want your audience to eave your site without getting valuable info and service details.

Content Marketing

Content should be appealing, thorough, useful and precise. These are the 4 qualities which the content must have. If anyone is missing, traffic drops, bounce rate pops. Content must enlighten, entertain as well as inspire a reader. Unless it drives them to take the mentioned steps, it is useless. If you do not have such content, forget the traffic.


If you are passionate about writing, start now. 54% of marketers say that blogging is and must be the top content marketing step. To become an all-round digital marketing executive, you must know how to create write and promote a blog. Content is king. Blog is what makes it. Your popularity is in turn a boost to your rankings & chances of earning backlinks

Industry Knowledge

  • What is the market asking for today?
  • What are the forces driving the digital world?
  • What are the latest updates in the digital marketing field?

These questions need to be answered to keep up with today’s trend. To get precise and in-depth knowledge of today’s digital marketing world, you should follow these top personalities:

  1. Neil Patel.
  2. Brain Dean.
  3. MOZ.
  4. Search engine land.
  5. HubSpot.

These are the platforms which will help you stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends.

Advertising Knowhow

Facebook and Google are the top visited pages every day.  Everyone is online one or the other time. Appearing in the scrolling or as a result of a certain keyword can both have an impact on your business growth. You can close in on a client, who actually wants a service from you. Creating appealing and engaging ads is what attracts clients. If you can develop a nag for that, you are in business.

Above factors are some of the important ones to be looked at very carefully. If you want to develop a resounding career in digital marketing, you must have basic knowledge of all these.


Only understanding is not enough. Companies demand HANDS ON EXPERIENCE. You will get this only through an internship. A digital marketing internship has the power to influence your growth and understanding. In the phase of developing you career in digital marketing, you will be dealing with and answering the following questions:

  • How does a page rank?
  • How does analytics work?
  • What activities are to be executed for SEO?

Everything you will be learning in a  digital marketing internship. Hence, after learning about digital marketing or complete a digital marketing course, you must go for a full-time in-house internship.

Interview preparations

For this, you will have to go through a lot of material. If you have the basics right, everything is all right. Questions like:

Answer these. More are coming your way.


Digital Marketing is nothing but the activities performed to reach out to and engage with your customers or users through digital media. Having a meaningful communication with your potential customer is what you should plan on doing. Any organization or individual who wants to reach out to their customer, needs a digital marketing strategy.

You can be a part of executing that strategy. Make yourself skilled enough so as to be considered a top candidate for the job. Your skills determine your achievements. If you are good, what you will get is going to be better.

Focus on building your skills. Invest in a meaningful Digital marketing course. Gather the required skills. Develop expertise in them. Develop a detailed understanding. Explore new things and follow the big names that have made it to the top. Listen to what they do.

Everything comes to you if you have the zest to take it.   

A career in Digital Marketing is what is the trend today. Go with it and lead a successful life.

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