Internship Opportunity With
Live Projects

  • Internship opportunity for any student or a fresher or any qualified candidate is the chance to work in a firm/ company/organization to gain work experience.
  • On the basis of which he/she can develop his own profile and be ready to acquire a position to earn his own bread and butter.
  • All the internship opportunities should be taken very seriously. Whether it be a free internship or a paid internship, they must be treated equally.


  • Because, through internship a candidate gets a chance which could turn out to be for his own benefit.
  • Companies of the top level as well as start-ups always have opportunities for graduate students who can apply for internship in their firm and gain valuable work experience.
  • Building practical knowledge as the prime purpose of internship opportunities.

Internship @ Softspace Solutions

At Softspace Solutions, we provide internship with all the following programs:

  1. PHP Development Training.
  2. Web Designing Training.
  3. Website Development With WordPress.
  4. Android Apps Training.
  5. SEO / SMM Training.

These internships are course based and included within the course fees. What does the complete package include?

  1. Training from basics.
  2. Working with core and frameworks coding.
  3. Projects and their testing, debugging, deployment.
intership with training in nagpur

What More You Can Expect

  • Softspace solutions is basically a training company.
  • Here graduates and interns come to learn about latest technologies, gain the foundation and build a platform for themselves to grow.
  • We have the best internship opportunities for graduates who are looking to make a career in IT industry.
  • Our Summer Internship Program for College Students especially engineering students is focused mainly to provide them with quality knowledge, practical work and tasks through live projects.
  • Such internship opportunities make student understand the practicality of the corporate environment today.

You Will Learn

Skill Building 100%
Self Exploring & Learning 100%
Interview Preparation Techniques 100%
Resume Building 100%
Machine Test Preparation 100%
Technical Interview Preparation 100%

Scenario today

  • Today, the competition is cut throat and beyond.
  • One position has at least 50 applicants behind it.
  • So, whoever is the best is bound to get it.
  • Companies are offering internship, summer internship, internship for graduate students because they are looking for a reliable asset who can take the responsibility to execute the tasks to perfection.
  • These internship opportunities are for only those who wish to make a career out of it.
  • They are looking for the star performer.

How We Assist You

Softspace Solutions runs with a simple motto, “BOOST YOUR SKILLS FOR A PROPITIOUS CAREER”. You need to have a skill-set, to get recognized and be considered for the position. We help you build a strong foundation for your growth. Through our internship programs, we provide the basic training in the related technologies and then you will be dealing with live projects.

For engineering students, we have internship opportunities in the same profiles, only the duration will be dependent on what the college and university has decided. We welcome you to take advantage of the internship opportunity  in this summer internship program and make the most of it  by building a proper foundation for your career.

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