What is the best social media marketing strategy?

social media marketing strategy

What is the best Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What is a strategy? A plan to achieve something by performing a set of activities on the right platforms, with the right intent at the right time. Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy is on the same lines.

When you apply this definition to Social Media, you come up with a Social Media Strategy, which is the plan you follow to uplift your social presence.

It is not just a posting game. It requires a lot of planning about:

  1. What to post?
  2. Who to post for?
  3. What’s your target audience?
  4. What platforms to use?
  5. What do you wish to achieve with social media?

When you have answers to all these questions, you get a plan which defines your activities. Here we will discuss, what actually should go in while developing the best social media marketing strategy?

What is it that you need to follow while building a social media strategy?

When you have a clear answer to all these questions, you get the best strategy for social media marketing of your business.

Why do you want to be on Social Media?

This question will help you in defining your goals. What are your goals:

  1. Promote your products/services?
  2. Drive traffic to your website?
  3. Boost engagement of your brand?
  4. Lead Generation?
  5. Grow your revenue?

You might want to achieve one or all of the above things. It’s fine. Although, for a start, it is better to have only a handful of goals if you are working individually. But a detailed social media marketing strategy can help you boost your brand awareness immensely.

Who is your target audience?

This factor totally depends on your business. If you are into a bakery business, your audience can be all the local public around you or in the city. Likewise, if you are into a tiffin service business, your audience becomes specific to people living away from home, students and working personnel living alone. So, the nature of business defines the target audience. Our business is into training and recruitment, so our audience is like:

  1. Fresh graduates.
  2. Working professionals looking to addon to existing skills.
  3. Entrepreneurs willing to develop their skills for the startup.

Also, here it is necessary to know, where they hang out the most in their free time? Additionally, what are their demographics, interests, favourite platform, engagement time and duration, what engages them the most?

What are you going to share?

The audience, in general, is looking for something exciting or informative to click on. Exciting because they want something to entertain them. Informative because they want something useful for themselves. So, you need to motivate and engage them with high-quality content to keep them updated relating to your and similar businesses. Some typical pointers in executing a good social media marketing strategy would include something as follows:

  1. Tips relating to your business niche.
  2. Trends in your industry.
  3. What your audience is talking about.
  4. Blogs and infographics.

Also, the posting schedule is to be followed here. It is important to realize that, your audience is not on social media 24×7. So, when are they engaged in Social Media? Accordingly, you have to post your content on every platform.

What social platforms are you going to use?

Where is the audience engaged these days? There are a lot of social media platforms available. So, the choice of your social platforms can heavily influence the outcome of your social media marketing strategy. Best platforms for any business are:

  1. Facebook: With 2+ billion users monthly, Facebook is the best platform for social media marketing. With that number, it is clear that your audience is there. You just have to target them with proper Demographics and location.
  2. Instagram: 1+ billion monthly users. Instagram is all about showing off. It is home to the young audience mostly under 25. So, if you are into modern business or training, gym, food and such, this is ideal for you. 
  3. LinkedIn: 303 million users monthly. On the positive side, it is all professional network. Develop meaningful and useful connections for B2B or B2C type of businesses. Develop an authority, show you talent and skills and get nominated for a certain task. Most of the top personalities of an organization are on LinkedIn. These are the decision-makers and can convert for you as a client.
  4. Twitter: 330 million users monthly. The audience is not as broad as Facebook, but still, it is the most happening network on the internet today. Twitter can be best utilized for brand awareness.
  5. YouTube: 2 billion users monthly. It is the second-largest search engine after Google. ITs all about videos, music and comedy on one hand. But, on the other hand, it can be used heavily for social media marketing. Explanatory videos, product reviews, tutorials and much more can be done on YouTube. Also, when you upload a video, it will start showing up on Google & YouTube search results as well. 

Measure your performance

Measuring your performance is indeed the best way to keep your work on track. Check and see what’s working and what’s not. Social media analytics tools and Pixel would help you best in this. This gives you an insight into customer behaviour. Next, comes, how you influence it? For example, an email marketing campaign with SendInBlue can tell you how many customers are:

  1. Opening the mail.
  2. Clicking on the link inside.

This will give you an idea on how to change your strategy if you are not getting desired results. 

All the above pointers must be considered as a part of the best strategy for social media marketing for your business. When you start with social media, all the above factors need to be taken care of on top priority. So, start implementing a strategy for social media marketing and achieve your desired goals.

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What is the best social media marketing strategy?

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