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Social Media Short Course

Social Marketing That Generates Results.

4-6 Hrs Each Weekends Only
Detailed Training Live Examples

    What You Get In Social Media Short Course?

    Social Profiles Setup

    Writing Content

    Creating Graphics.

    Catchy Headlines.

    Set Up Ads.

    Types of Ads & Ad Content

    Targetting Audience

    Facebook Analytics

    Custom Audience

    Facebook Marketing

    Instagram Marketing

    Twitter & LinkedIn

    Who Should Join?

    The Social Media Short Course

    Your social image is what attracts people to your brands. This attracted audience is to be converted into paying customers. We teach you the strategies to optimize your brand social image and make it BIG on SOCIAL MEDIA.

    Learn the trick to set up the best post, posting time, advertisement tricks, and target the best audience who is most likely to convert.

    Social Media Marketing Course

    Course Fees: ₹1,999/-

    • Social Profile Setup.
    • Business Details.
    • Creating FB Store.
    • Setting Up Products.
    • Shoppable Posts.
    • Posting Time.
    • Use of Hahstags.
    • Creating Catchy Headlines.
    • Automation Tools.
    • Advertisement Setup.
    • Audience Research.
    • Custom & Lookalike Audience.
    • Types Of Ads.
    • Facebook Analytics & Pixel.

    Attract Your Desired Audience To Your Business Page

    Social media allows you to showcase your brand to your potential customers at the most suitable times as per your targeting. Social Media can help improve your Brand Reputation, Social Authority, Customer Engagement & Website Traffic. All these factors can help boost your recognition and generate leads and sales.

    Why Learn Social Media Marketing?

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