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Learn Front End Development & Give Your Website A Beautiful Look.

Web Design Course

Web designing , UI/UX Development, Front End Development is a profile involving development of attractive and appealing user interface. Our Web Design course course makes you understand:

  • The most trending tools used in the industry today.
  • Importance of UI development for the website.
  • Front end development makes you understand constructing your website looks w.r.t colors and business.
  • A website with a appealing design fetches more audience.
  • Starting from designing and converting it into mobile responsive design is a major part of web designing training.
  • Designing your website and making it come alive on the web is what UI/UX is all about.
Joining our front end development training program could prove to be extremely beneficial for your career.

Best UI Training in Nagpur

Web Designing Training for Students and Experienced Professionals.

What is UI Developer course all about?

UI Developers deal with how the final product looks, whereas UX Developers care about the complete feel and user friendliness of the product. In assistance with graphics designers, a complete prototype of the website appearance is developed. then, after approval, it gets converted into a website. 

The complete interaction of the website with the user is what UI and UX developers look after. In common terms, these profiles are generally known as Front-End Developers. So, what does this front end development include and what it takes to establish yourself as a Front-End Developer? Three factors:

  • Visualization.
  • Functionality knowledge.
  • Simplicity of flow.

We teach you all this in and how to implement all this in UI Training.

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Web Design Training Module

We cover a lot of prominent topics in our web design training course. Starting from raw development with core CSS, it goes towards advanced frameworks. 

As a newbie, your job is to master the core concepts. This will help you in handling advanced frameworks easily. In Front End Development Training, our focus is on building a foundation for you. Once, that is concrete, you can move on to the big things.

Besides you will find the complete details of that we cover in web design training course.

Web Design Training Syllabus

A markup language which displays your content on the web. The continuous evolving of the web has introduced new semantic tags which rate your site higher. Learn all of them with their proper use.
Beautifying your HTML. This is the only and the MOST IMPORTANT job of CSS. Mastering core CSS will help you implement a fantastic web layout for your website.
BOOTSTRAP is the most prominent CSS framework to day. We will be focusing on that. Creating a device responsive site cannot get easier. Bootstrap allows you very detailed customizations, which can be implemented with ease.
Implementing proper functionalities to the site to make it more appealing is handled with JS and related frameworks. We will be dealing with JS/JQUERY for these implementations.
There is always a requirement of converting PSD files to HTML layouts. Having knowledge of PHOTOSHOP will definitely boost your skills to deal with the same.

UI Development Training at Softspace Solutions

At Softspace Solutions, you will be learning to explore new concepts and ways to implement them in your own work.

Our UI Developer Course provides a structured and streamlined ui development training.In this course, students will learn:

  • Wireframing a layout.
  • Front end development.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Top CSS Frameworks.

Ultimately, UI training is all about creating a simple understandable front-end design which is appealing enough the be visited regularly. People must think of adapting it or replicating it.

Web Designing as a start to Front End Development

It is always a challenge to decide on what the website would look like. this challenge awaits a touch of expertise from people who understand user interface and user experience.Web designing & UI/UX development starts after graphics designing. It is based on the design created.

In web design training, we go through the basic understanding on UI & UX. This is the crux of the site look. If the look is good, everything is good.

In the UI design course, we will be covering majority of topics like:

  1.  The goal here is to design artifacts which meet the client requirement in a very clear manner.
  2.  Next we go towards prototyping our UX design.
  3.  Next we evaluate our UX design with the client and get his understanding.
  4.  If everything is in order, you can get started with converting the UX design into an actual web design for the project.
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Expected Skill Set

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What you need to master in UI Training Program?

  • UI development training program includes basics of creating a user interface with the help of HTML, CSS and its related frameworks.
  • The UI training module is a complete package for innovative people to assist designers in implementing complete details in the provided UI.
  • On the other hand UX is all about adding front end functionalities to the product with front end scripting tools likes JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS etc.
  • UI developers will also benefit from learning Photoshop & Illustrator. Demand for skilled and qualified UI developers is reaching new high.
  • Top companies understand that the UI is front-line of the online shopping experience and will pursue skilled and qualified developers accordingly.
  • Hence an understanding of user experience might come handy as well.

What After Completing Front End Development Training?

  • UI Developer course is all about implementing the provided design in a presentable format for the user to understand.
  • UI development training at Softspace Solutions will provide students with complete guidance on front-end development.
  • Adding functionalities and creating a responsive web design is a crucial part of this profile.
  • In UI Development Training program, candidates will undergo complete real time experience through practical examples and live projects.
  • As an add on to this, candidates can go towards PHP Web Developer profile, wherein they can master the concepts of database and site dynamics.
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