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Career In Python

Python – A language that in itself is as simple as conversational English, easy to understand and to work with. A career in Python programming comes with huge prospects. It leads to multiple opportunities, out of which one would be a definite GO for you. In this blog, we will discuss career opportunities are there in python related technologies.


Python as a programming language is very easy to learn and understand. Development time with python is nearly cut to half in comparison to other programming languages. The syntax is simple, short and very easy to read. Its easy compilations and vast collection of libraries are what make it extremely popular. Considering all these factors, it is recommended by every industry and is obviously the NEXT BIG THING in the coding world.

As it has been defined as the next big thing, let us see, what these big things are and how Python assists in achieving them. All these things are nothing but career profiles and opportunities which are in huge demand with handsome pay scales.



In the programming world, Python is regarded as the best-suited language for data analytics and data science. Its full-fledged programming setup makes it a perfect fit for the implementation of complex algorithms. Also, people with a higher level of experience and expertise have recommended Python for data science implementations. Why, because it is easy to use, supported by a huge community and has numerous supporting libraries to help you achieve almost anything. IEEE also backs this claim and recommends Python for data science. So, considering all these facts, a career in python with Data Science surely has a promising future.


Website development has been around since the birth of an online presence. Businesses have established themselves online with many different programming platforms like PHP, JAVA, DOTNET and a lot more. Even today platforms like ANGULAR, REACT, NODE and many more are providing strong application development for the web. Then why should you go for Python? Similar to the top languages, Python offers many fantastic frameworks like CherryPy, Flask, Django, Pyramid etc. These frameworks are the backbone of some renowned websites like Spotify, Mozilla, Yelp and more.


PyGame – The smart tool for developing games with Python. This framework along with basic knowledge of python can help you develop basic games very easily. There can never be a better learning process that gives you joy. Though it is not recommended for heavy gaming applications, it is a good thing to start with if you are a newbie. Game development can be a good career in python as well.


Selenium is the most known automation testing tool. Selenium uses Python for the testing algorithms. Python APIs empower you to connect with the browser through Selenium. Selenium can send the standard Python commands to different browsers, despite design variations.


Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence wherein we focus on getting machines to make decisions by feeding them some data. This is a continuous process where we allow the machines to improve decision-making abilities through experience. In a simple sentences, Machine Learning is a way or art of getting machines to solve problems by gaining the ability to think.

Python has a huge number of modules to help implement machine learning algorithms. Miniconda & Anaconda are some of the pre-bundled packages. Machine learning involves a computer being trained using a given set of data, and using this training to predict the properties or outcome of a given new data. The process of training and prediction involves the use of specialized algorithms which help the machines in making correct decisions. This is a fascinating field of work and generates curiosity while implementing.


Python provides packages like NumPy, iPython which are helpful to get started with Python AI projects. As we are aware that Python is an interpreted language and does not need to be compiled before execution. Being so simple, what is the role of python in artificial intelligence? Python has Prebuilt Libraries like NumPy for the tasks like scientific computation & Scipy for advanced computing programs.

Also, there are libraries like:

  • AIMA – Algorithm implementation in Python by Russell and Norvig’s ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.’
  • pyDatalog – Logic Programming engine in Python
  • SimpleAI – Artificial intelligence algorithms implementation in Python in “Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach” focuses on providing an easy-to-use, well-documented and tested library.


With the requirement of handling bulk data and managing it, Python has been made compatible with Hadoop to work with big data. Python package known as Pydoop helps you in accessing APIs and also assists in writing Hadoop MapReduce programming concepts. Also, complex bag data problems can be solved easily with minimal effort using Pydoop.


Overall, a good knowledge of Python has the power to open a wide range of career paths for you. It is all about your field of interest and your dedication towards it. Python has been steadily climbing the popularity charts and is very much the future of the high-tech world. You just have to pick your option and start working towards establishing yourself as a master of the concept.

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  2. I’m truly amazed by this article. Looking for far more info. You have explained very well about Python programming and the career opportunities in it. It gives a most sought out career growth. Numerous IT and non-IT organizations are hiring Python professionals. There are lots of job openings in different levels even a person can get the best pay scale as a python trainer because many organizations have been hiring professional core python trainer to train their staff as well. So, we can say that there are not any shortages in the core python job vacancy. Thanks for this valuable info.

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