NodeJS Developer Course

Master the back-end operations with NodeJS Training Program

Our NodeJS course is designed to help developers build network applications quickly and efficiently with JavaScript. This nodejs certification training course equips you with the right skills needed to manage web applications backend.

70 Days | Practical Online Training | Live Projects

About The Program

Get the complete foundation & advanced knowledge of building a fully functional dynamic web application. Learn the top programming languages used to build the Front-end & Back-end of an online web application. Get hands-on practice with Live Projects & Internship Program.

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NodeJS Developer Course Curriculum

2.5 Months Live Online Training

If you want to develop high-quality and scalable web applications, then the NodeJS course is for you. It focuses on the essential concepts of NodeJS and provides hands-on experience in building an HTTP server.

  • Environment Setup
  • Node modules.
  • Functions and buffer.
  • NPM.
  • HTTP and the Node HTTP Module.
  • Installing Nodemon
  • Responding With Data
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Sending Data to The Server
  • HTTP Methods and RESTful API
  • Creating Web Server.
  • Sending Requests.
  • Handling HTTP requests.
  • What is NPM?
  • Installing Packages Locally.
  • Installing package globally.
  • Adding dependency in package JSON.
  • Updating packages.
  • Read File.
  • Writing a File.
  • Opening a File.
  • Deleting a File.
  • Writing a file asynchronously.
  • Other I/O Operations.
  • Event Emitter class.
  • Inheriting Events.
  • Returning event emitter.
  • Configuring Routes.
  • Working with Express.

Key Highlights

  • 70 hrs of practical learning.
  • 2.5 months dedicated Live Sessions.
  • Work with multiple databases.
  • One-to-one mentoring.
  • Understand server & databases.
  • Live development project.
  • Project based training.
  • Data fetching and collection..
  • Hook with front-end.
  • Conceptual training.
  • Full executional assessment.
  • 100% placement assistance.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

- Martin Fowler

online nodejs training

NodeJS Course Key Features

Get your hands on the Node JS certification course! Build an HTTP server, use Express.js and MongoDB to create a REST API, and more using an easy-to-follow framework that covers a wide range of concepts such as:

  • File handling.
  • Express JS.
  • Creating and deploying web servers.
  • Serving static resources.
  • Database management and connection.
  • REST APIs and GraphQL.
  • Application security.

Who can join Nodejs Course?

Anyone working with programming stuff or even from non-programming background can start learning and master NodeJS.

  • Fresh graduates.
  • IT Professionals.
  • Web developers.
  • Non IT professionals.
  • Networking people.
  • Back-end developers.

How it goes?

  • Weekdays & Weekend Batches.
  • 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM.
  • Live online classes.
  • Monday to Friday.
NodeJS course in Nagpur

Why you should choose us?

Experienced Faculties

We provide the best training from experienced NodeJS & Full Stack developers who are working senior developers.

Mentoring Sessions

For all our enrolled students, we have personal mentoring sessions to resolve their technical and coding related queries.

Recognized Certifications

With us, you work on live projects with complete hands on execution to get a better confident approach.

100% Placement Assistance

Get 100% job assistance within 3 months of your course completion. As a NodeJS handler, you are already in demand.

Mock Interviews

We help you prepare for all the machine tests, technical interviews for back-end and NodeJS handling.

Personal Counselling

Our one-to-one personal counseling sessions help you groom yourself to become a smart back-end developer.

Nodejs Developer Course FAQs​

You will definitely have some doubts about the course and career path. Here we have answered some most prominent questions related to NodeJS course.

Average starting Salary for Node JS Developer in India is around ₹2.0-2.5 Lakhs per year.

There are lots of companies working with NodeJS, like Microsoft, PayPal, eBay etc. Most India startups are also working with NodeJS as their development platform. So, opportunities are there for sure.

NodeJS is one of the best JavaScript cross-platform environments to execute JavaScript codes outside a web browser. No wonder NodeJS jobs are in high demand and have been among the top jobs to check out in 2022.

Learning JavaScript and NodeJS a very good choice in 2022. The back-end language is essential for web development and full stack projects. So, the demand is still growing for the same.

We assist you in building your back-end knowledge with project based internship. Working with databases will be at the center of attention here. NodeJS is all about back-end handling, so knowledge of databases is must.