Nodejs Course in Nagpur

Environment Setup | Modules & Functions | Package Manager | Web Servers

Get the best and detailed NodeJS course in Nagpur with live projects and practical implementation. Our NodeJS Course is built to make you a master in handling the backend of any Angular or React project to become a complete MEAN STACK or MERN STACK developer. Developing a project completely based on JavaScript is possible with NodeJS and either Angular or React.  JavaScript has been limited to Front End only, but Node.js tends to take it to the backend side for a complete JavaScript experience. NodeJS is an open-source server-side environment used to handle and manage backend for web applications. NodeJS represents a unified web application development with a single programming language on both the client and server-side.

    NodeJS Course Modules

    Environment Setup

    Node Modules

    Functions & Buffer

    Node Package Manager

    Creating Web Services

    File System


    Events & Dependencies


    Serving Static Resources

    Database Connectivity


    Who Should Join NodeJS Course?

    NodeJS is basically for all those developers who wish to upgrade to the Technology of Today. And today, the complete site setup is possible with JavaScript. Hence, a complete site built with a single codebase can be beneficial and easy to manage in a single code base.

    Developers who are working on PHP or only Angular or React must learn NodeJS to build an overall profile for themselves. It is a also the most in demand skill for a Full Stack Developer, where handling frontends, backend and servers is a regular responsibility.

    Our NodeJS course is fully based on practical implementation to make you familiar with its handling and deployment. So, having the basics idea of the concept will definitely help you achieve better results.

    nodejs course

    Why Choose NodeJS?

    NodeJS gives you the complete runtime environment that allows developers to build both frontend and backend with JavaScript only. JavaScript with NodeJS can help simplify programming and help you build your project with ease of a single programming language knowledge.

    Who Can Learn?

    NodeJS For Today's World

    NodeJS is currently the hottest technology around the development world. It is majorly focused on real-time applications like chats, gaming, tracking and eCommerce apps.

    Realtime applications need constant input/output between client and server. Node.js is suited for these kinds of applications. It keeps your application durable, lightweight, scalable.

    NPM with rich modules helps you build complex functionalities easily with thousands of libraries to assist you.

    Also, a single codebase makes it easier to manage and understand for fellow colleagues.

    So, join us to develop yourself as a top rated Nodejs Developer and grab the best opportunities which the market has to offer.

    Prerequisites for Nodejs Course would be to have sound knowledge of Angular or React. Within the course, you would be dealing with ExpressJS as well as MongoDB to become a complete MEAN STACK or MERN STACK Developer.

    NodeJS Developer [1-2 yrs exp]2.2 - 4 lakhs/annum
    Mid Level Exp [2-4 yrs exp]3 - 4.8 lakhs/annum
    Full Stack with Node.js [5-6 yrs exp]6-8 lakhs/annum

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