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Best CMS to setup Full-Fledged Dynamic Websites Without Coding.

Learn The Best & Easiest Tool for complete Website Development.
Create static or dynamic websites with readily available templates.
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    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is an open-source website creation tool developed in PHP. For the non-programming audience, we can say that it is indeed the EASIEST & MOST POWERFUL WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT  tool.

    Not only can WordPress build blogs, but also e-commerce applications, corporate websites as well without any coding. Though it might not be the only C.M.S used, certainly is an unquestionable leader in the competition.

    WordPress primarily started as a blogging platform. WordPress has evolved into a powerful website building tool with time. The main reason for using WordPress is its flexibility to create each and every kind of website. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the internet, which is a HUGE SHARE.

    wordpress training

    Benefits of WordPress Training

    Create Websites Easily

    No Coding Knowledge Necessary

    Plugins For Various Functionalities

    Easy Backup & Update

    Easy to Secure

    Easy E-Commerce Setup

    Why Is WordPress So Popular?

    Making websites does not have to be an all CODING job. There can be easy ways to do so. The easiest being WordPress. WHY?
    wordpress course in nagpur

    WordPress Training In Nagpur

    In general, WordPress training is beneficial for everyone. Even with ZERO KNOWLEDGE of coding, anyone can create a website using WordPress. WordPress is a free software, which means you simply download it, set it up and start creating your website/blog. For advanced customization in design, you must have the knowledge of Front End Development. In our WordPress training program, we teach you everything you will require to develop a website. Also its customization and beautifying it. Following are process flow of our WordPress training module:

    Installation & Setup

    Theme Selection & demo import.

    Page Builders & Plugins.

    Site Transfer & Backup.

    WooCommerce & online store.

    Why Softspace Solutions?

    Softspace Solutions provides the complete WordPress training with complete foundational knowledge. Our training module starts from choosing a theme for your site, to implementation of all the dynamic functionalities as per the requirement. We teach you how to work with page builders, plugins and themes with a variety of examples and models. Furthermore, we deal with e-commerce implementation, related payment gateway and security configurations. This in turn helps you developing a keen sense of working know how.

    wordpress course in nagpur

    Who Should Join The WordPress Course?

    Candidates interested in creativity implementations

    Freshers interested in building a career in UI & UX.

    Graphics designers willing to go beyond their profile.

    Web developers with a keen observation on user front.

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