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PYTHON: The language of the future & technology. Get enrolled in Python Course for Data Science for the best career opportunities. Choose addons from Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Django/Flask as per your choice for additional skills. Call today on +91-820-841-3258 or fill-up the form besides for inquiry

Live Online Projects For Practice & Recognition

    Python Course Modules

    Introduction of Python

    Programming Style

    Python Core Concepts

    Conditions & Switch

    String Manipulation

    Tuples & Dictionaries

    Functions & Arguments

    Modules & Packages

    Data Printing & Filing

    Exceptions Handling

    OOPS Concepts

    Regex & Networking

    GUI & Multi Threading

    Database Management

    Server Architecture

    Who Should Join?

    The Python Course

    Firstly, you must understand that Python is the most sought after career profile. Additionally, it is worth all the hype in the world today. Because every field has implementation needs for it. Although it is a very easy language to understand, don’t underestimate its power. Overall, it is used in diverse domains for complete projects.

    Learning Python can be very beneficial if you want a successful career. Courses like Python for Data Science will definitely help you build a solid foundation for your career start. In Python training, we will be covering a lot of basics and online certifications. Who can learn Python?

    Students / Freshers

    Why Choose Python Course?

    Python is the most loved language by everyone. Developers, Data Scientists, even hackers love Python. Why? Because it is flexible, versatility, and OOPS features. It can do complex tasks but still maintain a clean syntax. Hence, it is recommended for beginners as well as experts. It also supports multiple other languages for mixed projects. Multiple web and mobile apps have Python in the backend. Also, the TIOBE index has placed Python on No.3 only behind Java & C. So, it is heavily used around the world.

    You can choose any profile after learning Python. For example, you can choose to become:

    Python Training With Softspace Solutions

    At Softspace Solutions, we give you the best training in Python for Data Science & more. Our experienced trainers focus on building a firm knowledge foundation for you. You will get a good balance of theory & practical tasks in your training. The complete Python Course is dedicated to making you JOB READY. You will be learning about the various profiles based on Python. The course will move ahead with respect to your choice.

    Now, what you get with our Python Course? What do you learn with the programming?

    Python Pay Scale With Various Profiles

    To start with, if we talk about packages, Python offers WOW salaries with various profiles. Although profiles require experience, packages are very handsome.

    Hence, it is very much a booming language today. Considering this, we aim to develop you in all these with our Python Course. Finally, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose has demand with Python.

    ProfileSalary [1 to 4 years exp]
    Data Scientist [1-4 yrs experience]5-6 lakhs/annum
    Machine Learning [1+ yrs expereince]4-5 lakhs/annum
    Web Developer [1-4 yrs experience]3-4 lakh/annum

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