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Web Designing Course for your career foundation. Every technical profile asks for Web Designing skills.
Get the foundational skills & go for the high paying jobs with technologies like ANGULAR, PYTHON & more.
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    Web Designing Course Modules

    Web designing course is a stepping stone for multiple career profiles.  you can go towards a full-stack development, or Digital Marketing or advanced User Experience Design. The basic web designing course will consist of the following modules:

    Web Designing Course With Job Placement

    Learn complete implementations of user interfaces for websites, mobile applications in our Web Designing Course. Not only are they appealing but also very easy to understand for any user. Website Designing is an extremely crucial part of SDLC i.e. Software Development Life Cycle.

    It is not limited only to writing HTML, CSS & JS for a website, but far beyond that. The prime objective of web designing is to make user interaction as simple as possible. In our Web Designing Course, we will make you understand what actually a user interface is and its importance.

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    Why Choose Us For Web Designing Training?

    Softspace Solutions is one of the best IT training firms in Nagpur. Our web designing course is a proportionate mixture of creativity, implementation and understanding of the client requirements. Students coming to us undergo various tasks. To enumerate some such as creating web pages, responsive web layouts along with their implementation in proper user experience.

    We offer rather lucrative placement assistance in Nagpur and Pune. Softspace Solutions also offers corporate training and college seminars as required. If you wish to know more about the course, fees or certification, connect with us via email or a call.

    Firstly a front end developer has multiple tasks to deal with. For example, some of them are like Prototyping Design planning, UI Prototyping, Animation consequences & more. In web designing course, you will learn about wire framing a website with layout, color combination and user experience.

    Providing in-depth knowledge of all these is our aim at Softspace Solutions. Notably with the use of latest tools and technologies. Our motto is to assist you in becoming an efficient and smart web designing expert with an understanding of all concepts.

    What you gain in this program?

    Firstly, it all starts with HTML, JavaScript and their coaction. How they complement each other by all means to make front end development easier? Consequently, you will learn to understand the website requirement with respect to the nature of the business. We at Softspace Solutions assist you in growing your knowledge as a Web Designing Expert through:

    A Complete Web Design/ UI Course

    Firstly, Web Designing Course will be a huge learning curve for you. Secondly, you will master the UI & UX concepts with it. You will deal with wireframes, colour schemes etc. Enhancing the final user interface will be your ultimate achievement in the UI training program.

    Basics like HTML-5, CSS-3, JS, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP, MUSTARD UI will be covered. After that, you will be going towards advanced tools like Adobe XD & In Design for building UI prototypes. The knowledge of these tools will open many doors for you will extensive paying opportunities.

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