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Writing Strong Essays with an AI Essay Writer | 5 Super Tips

Writing essays is not as easy as it looks. It requires a lot of attention and brainstorming to come up with creative ideas enough to justify a given topic. However, with advancements in technology, many new tools such as AI essay writers have emerged on the internet.

Such tools leverage their sophisticated Machine-Learning algorithms to write compelling essays for you in no time. Hence, today we will explore the procedure of writing essays with an AI essay writer to write strong essays. Let’s get started.

How to Write Compelling Essays with an AI Essay Writer?

To begin the writing process, know that some things are to be done manually. Those are to come up with an essay title, define the type, and an appropriate word limit. To provide these parameters, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Think Of An Interesting Topic

To come up with a topic that resonates, you’ll need to consider your audience and your end goals. 

Although, we know that the end goal is the last thing in an essay, however, you should know it first to define strong essay titles. Let us explain in detail.

  • Audience: Your audience’s background decides their knowledge level, which dictates the level of jargon allowed in a title.
  • End goal: What do you want the audience to walk away with after reading your work? Answering this question will help you define a captivating topic.

Failure to cater to either of the two elements can cause vague or ambiguous essays, making the people fallout.

Consider The Essay’s Type

After you’re done with defining an interesting topic, you have to decide upon the essay’s type. There are as many as 18 different types of essays but 5 are the main types of Essays.

  • Generic

Can be a personal reflection discussing your life achievements, etc.

  • Descriptive

These are descriptions of a place, thing, animal, or human being with as many details as possible.

  • Narrative

A clichéd form of essay. These contain a story with a protagonist, an antagonist, a climax, and a resolution.

  • Persuasive

Utilizes appeal to emotion to convince the readers of a particular viewpoint.

  • Comparative

A fair comparison of qualities of ‘at least’ two entities. The entities may be two countries, cities, people, animals, and so on.

Hence, you need to study each essay type deeply to select a relevant essay type for your work.

Define A Suitable Word Limit

What do you think should be the right amount of words to justify a selected topic? The word limit varies from essay title to title and type to type. Unless defined in a task, there’s no clear answer to this. However, there’s an example to give you a rough idea.

Choose An Appropriate Tool

Finally, it’s time to put your imagination to reality, however, finding a suitable, trustworthy AI tool is becoming a challenge. Each day thousands of tools flock to the market and people are left clueless on which to choose. 

Simply, input the parameters that we determined above, and you’ll see the magic work in no time.

We have used this tool for many of our projects and were always satisfied with its quality. Let’s see how it performs with a different set of inputs.

Implement The Parameters

Implement your parameters like the essay topic, type, and desired length in the tool. Remember, if you choose an essay length of ‘Short’ the tool will provide you with an answer of around 300 words. However, the ‘Medium’ takes the word count to around 400 words.

For our work demonstration, we’ll write a persuasive essay on the topic “Should there be uniforms in the school?” We are adjusting the length as medium, and leaving the extra features as is.

Inputting the said parameters will look like this:

Get The Results

Finally, you need to click the “Write My Essay” button to get your results. The AI-based essay writer utilizes NLP algorithms fed into its backend to judge the right responses to a given topic.

It leverages its vast language datasets to produce coherent and interesting responses. Now, let’s reveal the results for the topic we suggested to the tool.

As we can see the response from the tool is truly impressive. The persuasive essay is compelling and is sure to convince the reader of the said viewpoint.

In such a way, you will be safe from plagiarism, which is a pressing issue, especially for academics.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we saw how you can write compelling essays using an AI essay writer. We wrote a persuasive essay on the topic “Should there be uniforms in the school” and the selected tool gave us satisfactory results. 

The tool showcased its efficiency, providing a clear statement that AI is surely here to stay for the future.