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5 Reasons Why PKI as A Service Is Essential For Your Business

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a widespread cybersecurity practice companies use to protect sensitive data and secure communications. It is an indispensable component that encrypts data and identities, and offers a streamlined assessment control, reducing the risk of unauthorized persons or devices evaluating the data.  

As a business owner, investing in PKI as a service can be a great move to avoid data loss due to cyber theft. You don’t need to manage PKI alone or get an in-house team for the same, as you can outsource the PKI service to dedicated providers. The third-party provider oversees your business’s services and advises on what your firm may need to prevent data breaches. 

Keep reading for more details on PKI as a service and why you may need it.

What is PKI as a Service? 

PKI as a service offers managed PKI services through the cloud. A third-party provider provides a scalable, ready-to-use service for businesses, allowing the company to keep its details secure as it concentrates on other critical business aspects. 

Businesses that use the PKI as a service get cost benefits since they don’t have to invest in the initial setting up of the systems. Instead, they pay for the service on a subscription basis to the provider. However, a business should find a reliable provider who offers affordable services and is experienced in cybersecurity. Also as a job, cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand tech jobs.

Reasons Why PKI as A Service Is Vital For Your Business  

Below are five compelling reasons to consider using a third-party provider for PKI services. 

It Improves Data Security 

Security is the leading reason you may need to outsource the PKI service. As we all know, the online landscape is changing, and hackers now attack infrastructures once considered impenetrable. PKI can significantly reduce cyber theft risk when used alongside other cybersecurity practices because it protects sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.  

PKI uses certificates with unique identities that work like ordinary passports. No one can access an encrypted message without the private key, so it’s hard for another person to read, alter, or even delete encrypted messages in PKI. 

If your firm handles sensitive information and fears someone may check, find a reliable PKI as a service provider to help you improve security. 

It is Scalable 

PKI as a service is highly scalable, meaning it can meet your business’s changing needs. Since the service is offered via the cloud, it can be upgraded or downgraded to meet your firm’s changes. For instance, if your business grows, you can pay for a higher subscription to cover your company’s increased security needs without much effort.  

Similarly, you can pay for fewer services if you need to scale your business. Such convenience reduces the need to buy or set up new systems whenever business needs change. Besides, PKI can be integrated with many devices that use the Internet of Things. However, you should communicate your business needs to the provider early enough for the best results. 

It is Cost-effective 

PKI as a service is a low-cost cybersecurity practice that can save you lots of money in the future. Since you are working with a provider, you don’t have to invest in the initial infrastructure costs. Instead, you will pay the agreed subscription fee, which depends on the unique services you are getting. 

Besides the initial setup, PKI as a service saves you the legal costs, business losses, fines, and other costs that you may incur in case of a cyber-attack on your business. The average cost of dealing with a cyber-breach is $4.45 million; some firms close shortly after that. 

PKI as a service can also save on hiring an in-house team, training, salary, and buying and upgrading the infrastructure. Third-party providers come fully equipped with all the tools and systems needed to improve security so you can fully concentrate on your business. 

24/7 Availability 

Hackers attack at any time. You need a robust cybersecurity measure that keeps you protected day and night, and a managed PKI service guarantees that.  

Managed PKI services are always available without outages, which could affect communication, productivity, or transactions in the business. The team regularly tests and upgrades the systems effectively to keep up with tech trends and guarantee the utmost security. This is a great advantage compared to having an in-house team, which may experience risky workarounds and jeopardize the security of your business. 

Provider Expertise

Lastly, you may consider PKI a service if you need security management from a well-experienced team. The providers hire seasoned IT experts; their sole job is to work for clients. Stringent personnel vetting, including background checks, is usually done to ensure the team delivers the best. Besides, the agencies have a name to protect, so they strive to offer highly competitive services.  

Therefore, working with a PKI service provider is recommended if you don’t have the experience but need the best quality services. Conduct background research to ensure you work with the industry’s best. 

Final Thoughts 

Transitioning to PKI as a service is an excellent cybersecurity practice for your growing business. It secures your systems from unauthorized persons or devices and offers flexible scalability to meet changing business needs. 

It allows you to access comprehensive PKI security without having an elaborate in-house team or overhead. If you need to improve security in your business, outsource PKI as a service today to enjoy its benefits.