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Passive Income Sources; Why Extra Income Is Necessary?

As we are moving towards the end of another decade and the rise of another, hopefully, a good one, it is high time to think seriously about a lot of things. The year 2020 hasn’t been the perfect year for the entire world. Apart from the deadly virus, we have faced numerous other challenges in 2020.

When many people fell short financially and lost their jobs, we understood the importance of money. But we also realized that having another source of income can be very helpful. Along with active income sources, one should always consider having passive income sources. These extra incomes are your backup plan for the future.

The deadly pandemic has been full of hardships and it has destroyed the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of many. But we all grew stronger in these tough times and we will definitely make a strong comeback from these bad times. We have learnt life lessons from 2020 for sure and realized the value of money too.

Not only our extra and unnecessary expenditures are minimized, but we also understood the necessities of life. When it comes to financial stability, many of us were shaken down due to the drastic fall in the economy and job cuts around the world.

This has made us rethink the current situation and all such adverse situations which can hit us in the future. The financial crisis has made us think about and consider alternative sources of income. Apart from an active income, one should have passive income sources. In simple words, other than the main source of income, one should also focus on multiple sources of income.

Never depend on a single income. Make an investment to create a second source

– Warren Buffett

Passive income sources play a vital role in enhancing living standards, attaining a healthier life, and adding a lot to the financial status of an individual. In this blog, we will discuss what are passive income sources, why alternative sources of income are necessary, and a few best sources of passive income.

Apart from this, we are going to discuss the benefits of passive income and how it can help an individual to grow and build wealth. But before we move further, let’s get a brief about active and passive incomes.

What is Active and Passive Income?

An active income is basically a regular income which is received when an individual performs or provide a service. An active income can be earned by exchanging your time for money. There can be different ways by which an individual can earn active income. It can be through daily wages, salaries, commissions, pay-per-hour jobs etc.

On the contrary, passive income sources are also known as alternative sources of income. With little maintenance and active participation, an individual can earn passive income.

What Are Passive Income Sources?

Instead of depending on a single income, people should focus on having alternative sources of income. Passive income sources or multiple sources of income are vital aspects of the financial status of an individual. On one hand, where the source of active income can be limited, there can numerous ways to earn passive income. passive income. Also, passive income sources can be derived from alternative businesses, freelance or contract basis jobs, services, rental properties etc. Just like active income, passive income of a person is taxable too.

Why Passive Income Is Essential?

Passive income sources are extremely essential for every individual. You may not realize the importance of passive income right away, but it does play a vital role in our life. As discussed in the previous section when it comes to active income, an individual requires to exchange time in return for money. People spend their time, working for their employer in order to earn money, which means if you won’t work, you won’t earn. An individual can lose his or her ability to earn if they were met with a sudden mishap, accident, or fell ill.

Many people have lost their jobs this year, due to the pandemic. Due to the lockdown, many industries were shut down and millions of people lost their jobs in seconds. This has traumatized the entire world. The downturn in the economy and sudden loss of a job has also refrain people to find new jobs. People were working overtime and companies relieved many of their employees due to their financial inability of paying the workers.

Those who were surviving on a single income faced brutal consequences but those who had passive income in their found it easy to survive with a secondary income in their hand. Passive income acts as a helping hand and gives financial support.

The Benefits of Passive Income Sources

Income is not just one of the greatest needs of humans, but it is also a great tool to build wealth. If you are willing to build wealth then it is necessary to actively participate in passive income sources as well. Even if you like your job and are happy with the money credited to your account every month, there is no harm in earning a little extra, to make your life better.

Passive income can be generated without the ties and commitments of other jobs. It completely depends on you, whether you want to provide a particular service or do a job for passive income or not. You are not obliged to earn passive income, however, having passive income sources can help you build wealth and it also maximizes your financial and medical security.

If you ask me why one should have an arrangement of passive income sources, I can give you a whole list. For now, we will look into some of the most important benefits of passive income sources.

Essential For Financial Stability

Passive income sources are very crucial for the financial stability of an individual. Your job or primary business is the source of your active income. If you lose your job, having a passive income source will give you financial stability and save you from a complete loss of income. This is just so great and relieving. Even though you lose your job, you will always have a secondary income to survive in adverse situations. Instead of depending on a single income, if you choose to earn money through another source of income, it will definitely be very helpful for you in the future also.

It Gives Wings To Your Passion

It is not necessary to have options like real estate or investments as your secondary income sources. In fact, people can also transform their hobby into a great business and earn money. Do what you love – this is why you should have passive income sources. Instead of working for another employer, you can always work for yourself and flourish in your hobbies.

Many people earn money through online classes, youtube, etc. They also sell their art or provide services in their free time. This is a great opportunity to earn money and keep your interests and hobbies alive.

It Motivates Us To Do Better

Getting some extra buck, credited to your account can never harm you. But apart from earning more money, passive income sources plays an essential role in motivating us to do better in our life. When you earn money through passive income sources, it boosts your confidence and gives brilliant ideas to enhance your income. Many people have made a fortune by working on themselves and focusing on their passive income sources in their spare time.

Apart from wealth-building, passive income sources allow you to understand your strength and weaknesses. They not only focus on hard work but also motivate others to build their wealth as well. Undoubtedly, passive income sources can help you in many ways, plus the experiences are worthy, whether they are good or bad. Even if you fail to earn, you can always try again and get better.

Early Retirement

Passive income sources play a vital role in creating an opportunity for early retirement. You have heard or read about many people who smartly invested or played with their money and retired before the age of 40. Such people have already built their wealth empire and are retired to take off some break and live life the way they want. On the other hand, passive income can act as an additional source of income even when you outlive your retirement fund.

However, retiring at an early age doesn’t mean that people will stop earning and working forever. Some people choose to stop working for their employers and bid goodbye to their active income. But this also doesn’t mean that they are back to square one. People still do have passive income sources and keep building wealth for a great future and financial stability.

Best Sources of Passive Income

There are multiple ways to build wealth and numerous passive income sources. In this section, we will discuss and give a brief of some of the most basic yet useful passive income sources. These passive income sources are extremely easy and can give great returns in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the passive income sources.


“Investment is subject to market risk, read the offer documents carefully before investing” – Do not be afraid of this caution. There are risks in investments but it is a great way of creating solid income for your retirement. Investing offers good chances of producing money with the least amount of time and work. Before investing, understand all the terms and conditions, and choose a plan that can help you build wealth and give financial support after retirement.

Investment is also a good way of saving money and it also refrains you from withdrawing money too. This lets your money grow for the long term and will pay back.

These are great options for building a solid retirement plan, but you will incur taxes and penalties for any withdrawals before a certain age. With retirement planning, you want to let your money grow for the long haul and not touch it! Investment is among the low-effort passive income sources which can give great outcomes in the future.

Real Estate And Land Purchase

Another great way to generate money through passive income sources is investing in real estate. You can always purchase real estate property or land, as per your comfort and financial boundaries. Renting out your real estate property to tenants and your land for farming purposes can be very helpful in the very long term. Choosing your options and using your properties wisely can be very helpful in the future.

Rental property can be a great source of extra income but it isn’t the ideal passive income choice for many. This is because the real estate or property business takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, managing the property is not something everyone is comfortable with due to time and resource constraints. If you are willing to make efforts, you can earn a great passive income, as property value and cost is ever-increasing.

Tip: Don’t ever get yourself into debt to buy rental property!

Start YouTube Channel or Blogging

If you have some brilliant idea and have the potential to appeal to a specific audience, then blogging or creating a YouTube channel is the perfect platform for you. You can write blogs or post videos on educational topics or generate a series of tutorials to attract more traffic. Make sure that your content is engaging and that your daily traffic will boost day by day. Apart from that, you can also sell ad spots on your channel and blog.

Sell Products Digitally

Selling product is another great way passive income source. You can sell anything online, and you will get to see the results real soon. Apart from this, you can sign up with Amazon Affiliate Marketing for extra income too.

Store Stuff And Rent Out Items

People travel and change cities all the time. They also have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored safely. They search for inexpensive ways for storing their stuff, and this can be a great source of extra income. You can offer storage and the rest of the pieces will fall into the right place.

On the contrary, people move and do not have all the useful items they need to survive in an unknown city. A person who has been shifting from city to city usually does not have the mood to buy new furniture, electronics, etc. In such cases, lending stuff in exchange for money is an amazing way to earn some extra income.


Time has been hard and it is unpredictable. Having a secondary income can only help you grow and strengthen your financial stability. Understanding how passive income can be generated and how it can be earned smoothly is very necessary. Passive income sources are the backbone of a well-built wealth. Let us know if you have any ideas on generating passive income too! Till then, Sayonara guys!