ai for digital marketing

AI for Digital Marketing

AI for Digital Marketing: A concept which can be discussed after we have certain know-how of AI. Artificial Intelligence: A combination of two words which in itself is quite contrasting. On one side, we have ARTIFICIAL which means made by someone; on the other, we have INTELLIGENCE  which comes naturally. So, it seems quite strange.

The terminology in itself is a world of advanced and futuristic technologies wherein scientists are simulating Human Intelligence into machines, making them think like humans. Learning, problem-solving and more is being achieved or might be already. We do not know it yet.

Stephen Hawking said, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, could not compete, and would be superseded”.

Elon Musk says, “AI does not have to be evil to destroy humanity – if AI has a goal and humanity just happens to come in the way, it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it, no hard feelings.

So many of these statements come out with multiple meanings. One or the other always prevails. Still, it is a human who is in charge of developing these technologies. The development of future businesses and life in the long term.  

As of today, Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of multiple business domains today. Chatbots, Voice Recognition, Autonomous vehicles aka self-driving cars, warehouse management & more.

But here, in this blog, we will focus on the application of AI for Digital Marketing and how it is transforming the way of online marketing around the world.

How AI is transforming the future of Digital Marketing?

ai for digital marketing

AI can help personalize the customer experience by analyzing their profiles. Today, the marketing scenario has changed immensely. Methods like media advertising or only emailing do not work. You have to take it a step further. Marketing needs to be personalized with respect to:

  • Interests.
  • Demographics.
  • Location.

Personalization of customer experience is a must to make your brand memorable for every target in your audience. The psychology of personalized customer experience needs to be understood & implemented. 

For such implementations, AI helps marketers to personalize their communication on a more personal level. This intelligence is learned from previous interactions with various customer groups and brands.

By this method, it becomes very easy to decide the most likely convertible lead and the best possible time to drive conversions. 

For example, let us consider AMAZON, a well-known shopping portal. What data does it have:

  1. Your last purchase details.
  2. Your wishlist.
  3. Product reviews you put up.
  4. Product browsing history.

All this data helps Amazon to send you personalized recommendations based on your purchase habits. If you click a COFFEE PRODUCT, next time you log in, it will start suggesting various other brands that might interest you.

This is what AI is. Amazon and other online giants are utilizing the power of AI and using it to transform the future of digital marketing for their purpose.

AI For Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

You mistype a query on Google & it immediately asks, “DID YOU MEAN….This” What is this? This is AI. Integration of AI in search analysis can help pick up spelling mistakes. Google is growing & getting used to the search intent. 

If you type pizza parlour, it will show you the recommended pizza places around you. It knows your intent. How? Artificial Intelligence.

SEO optimization optimizes voice search based on speech style, pattern and more. 

Google PPC Ads

You create a high-conversion well-optimized ad to get more clicks & eventually conversions. But, you will agree that it is time taking detailed process involving multiple variables to be looked upon. 

Here AI can help you optimize your ads depending on the conversions & interactions that your ad receives.

Personalized Customer Experience & Recommendation

As discussed above, improved & personalized recommendations are successful in transforming and understanding customer behaviour. 

Do a quick experiment. Click any relevant ad on Instagram. Log out and come back. You will see similar brands popping up on your timeline with the same product genre. 

This is what influencing customer is and which is widely applicable in Digital Marketing.

Chatbots & Automated Messaging

On every website related to customer service, you will find a CHATBOT. Just drop a message and it will give you the most relevant reply to your query.

  • Book a flight & you will get a message from the company on Whatsapp with your ticket details.
  • Book a resort with MakeMyTrip & will you get a Whatsapp message with booking details.
  • Visit a brand page on Facebook, and a bot greets you and asks about your query.

All these are automated tools powered by AI for a smooth digital experience. These are one of the best examples of applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing.

Being humanly available 24×7 is not possible. So, chatbots are the best substitute for your absence, while still being there for the customers. Also, they can be programmed to reply to a particular keyword. 

For example, a user asked, What is the digital marketing course fee? So, here the keyword is DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE FEES. 

Concerning this keyword, the relevant answer will be automatically in response. Thus, reducing your workload without leaving customers answerless.

Siri, Alexa, Cortana & Google Assistant are the best virtual assistant examples which show you how customer handling has become relatively easy as compared to the past decade.

Benefits of AI for Digital Marketing

  1. If you are a Social Media Marketer, AI can help you in targeting the audience of your product. Getting this targeting wrong is a minimal possibility. Also, you can get assistance in targeting users based on demographics, geographics, and other factors.
  2. Augmented Reality is a vertical of AI that is changing the way people can shop. Taking trials of clothes they want to buy can be done online. You can try any brand of outfit sitting at home just with the help of the internet. 
  3. Content Generation & Curation can be stressful for bloggers and writers. AI can help you choose the right content for the right audience. Coming up with unique content can be challenging as well. AI-powered content generation is picking pace where research on a topic is done and content is written automatically with the help of the collected data and information. Auto-created content has less probability of errors and fastens the content generation process. AI can also curate video content. AI creates content by learning from past creations. So, it will understand the trend, analyse it and produce content fit for the market.

So, considering all the future advancements and the need for a technical boost, AI can be of great help in Digital Marketing. We just need to keep the focus on what we need and the rest SI will handle. Once, it understands the trend, you are free to focus on other priorities and allow AI to handle your Digital Marketing.