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21 Chrome Extensions for SEO | A Useful Must-Have List

Chrome extensions are small software programs that are designed to add functionality or enhance existing features in the Google Chrome browser. These extensions can be easily installed and offer a variety of benefits, including improved productivity, personalized browsing experiences, and better search engine optimization (SEO) for websites.

For SEO professionals and website owners, these SEO Chrome extensions are essential tools that can help monitor website performance, analyze keywords, and track competitors. By using Chrome extensions, you can gain valuable insights into your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and take steps to optimize it accordingly.

With the right Chrome extension, you can gather information on keywords, backlinks, and competitor analysis, among other things. This data can help you tailor your SEO strategy to the specific needs of your website, ensuring that it performs well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, whether you’re an SEO professional or a website owner looking to improve your website’s search engine rankings, Chrome extensions are a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

Top 10 Chrome extensions for SEO

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for SEO When it comes to SEO, there are so many tools available in the market that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Chrome Extensions for SEO can be extremely helpful in monitoring and analyzing website metrics, analyzing keywords, and identifying technical issues.

Here, we have curated a list of the top 10 Chrome Extensions for SEO that you should definitely consider using for your website.


With MozBar, you can also analyze page elements, preview and optimize titles and descriptions, and highlight and differentiate links in order to identify link opportunities.


It also provides important on-page metrics such as organic search traffic, number of keywords and external links, and even displays the most popular pages and keywords of the website.

Moreover, with the Ahrefs Chrome Extension, you can get a quick overview of a website’s Domain Rating (DR) and the top 5 organic keywords in Google’s US Search Engine.

Keywords Everywhere

This tool displays keyword analytics and search volume for any query in your browser and also suggests relevant keywords on the fly. Additionally, the tool allows you to export all the data to a CSV file which can be used for further analysis.


Moreover, the extension provides insights into the website’s audience, including their interests, behaviour, and websites that are similar to the one being analyzed.

The SimilarWeb Chrome Extension is particularly useful in understanding the competition, identifying new business opportunities, and analyzing potential advertising strategies.

This tool helps in identifying broken links and enables their replacement with working ones with minimal effort, further enhancing the website’s SEO.


Additionally, SEOquake provides a comprehensive overview of SERP by showing real-time provisional data for a query, which can guide the optimization of a webpage for a better rank.

LinkMiner is useful in assessing the quality of backlinks, identifying link-building opportunities, and monitoring link-building progress over time.

Redirect Path

This tool is particularly useful in ensuring that redirects are functioning properly and non-existent pages return a 404 error, as this helps retain link value.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights also provides suggestions for page optimization, so you can ensure that your website loads quickly, contributing positively to the website’s ranking.

Google Analytics URL Builder

The tool is particularly useful in tracking website visitors and understanding their behaviour on your website.


Buzzsumo is a content marketing and social media analysis tool that helps you to understand how your content performs on various social media platforms. It allows you to search for content related to specific topics or keywords and provides data on how many times that content has been shared on social media.

Growth Bar

GrowthBar is a Chrome extension designed to help businesses with their digital marketing efforts. It provides SEO and keyword research tools to help you analyze your website’s performance and optimize it for better search engine rankings.

You can also use the tool to conduct keyword research, find backlink opportunities, and track your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. Overall, GrowthBar is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence and drive more traffic to their website.


Hunter is a web-based tool that helps you find and verify email addresses for outreach and lead generation.

The tool also allows you to verify the validity of email addresses and check whether they are deliverable or not. This can help you to improve your email outreach efforts by ensuring that you are reaching out to the right people with accurate contact information.


KWFinder helps you find the right keywords to target for your website, while SERPChecker allows you to analyze search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords.

SERPWatcher helps you track your website’s ranking for specific keywords over time, while LinkMiner allows you to find and analyze backlinks for any website.

SiteProfiler provides an overview of any website’s SEO metrics, including domain authority, page authority, and backlinks.

Overall, Mangools is a comprehensive SEO toolset that can help businesses of all sizes to improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their website.

With Google Trends, you can compare the popularity of different search terms and topics, identify seasonal trends, and see how interest in a particular topic has changed over time.

The tool also allows you to filter by location, category, and time range, making it a valuable tool for businesses and marketers looking to understand their target audience and optimize their content and advertising strategies.


The platform includes a range of tools such as keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and rank tracking.

Serpstat’s keyword research tool allows you to identify the best keywords to target for your website, while the site audit tool helps you identify and fix technical SEO issues.

The competitor analysis and backlink analysis tools provide valuable insights into your competitor’s strategies, while the rank tracking tool allows you to monitor your website’s performance over time.

Tailwind AI Marketing Content Assistant

The tool uses natural language processing to analyze your content and provide suggestions for improving it. It can also suggest relevant hashtags and provide insights into the best times to post for maximum engagement.

The tool can be used with a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Overall, Tailwind AI Marketing Content Assistant is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their social media content and drive more engagement and traffic to their website or business.

NinjaOutreach Lite

With NinjaOutreach Lite, you can search for relevant influencers and bloggers based on keywords, location, and social media profiles.

The tool provides insights into each influencer’s reach, engagement rate, and audience demographics, allowing you to identify the best partners for your brand. You can also use the platform to create and send outreach emails and track your campaigns’ success with detailed analytics.


The tool scans your website and provides a report on factors such as website traffic, mobile-friendliness, security, page speed, and backlinks. It also provides recommendations for improving your website’s performance in these areas.

Additionally, WooRank includes a keyword tool that helps you find the best keywords to target for your website and tracks your website’s ranking for those keywords over time.

vidIQ Vision for YouTube

The tool provides insights into various metrics such as video views, engagement rates, and subscriber growth, allowing users to track their channel’s progress over time.

VidIQ Vision for YouTube also includes features such as video keyword research and optimization, competitor analysis, and real-time video analytics.

The tool’s Chrome extension allows users to access these features directly from their YouTube dashboard, making it easy to optimize videos and improve their overall YouTube presence.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The tool crawls through a website’s links, images, CSS, script files, and other resources to gather valuable data that can help identify technical SEO issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, missing metadata, and more.

It can also extract key SEO data such as page titles, descriptions, and headers, as well as generate XML sitemaps and analyze robots.txt files.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an essential tool for SEO professionals looking to optimize their websites for search engines and improve their online visibility.

How to Choose the Right Chrome Extension?

While each of the above-listed Chrome extensions provides great utility to web specialists and SEO professionals, it’s important to consider the following factors before making a final choice:

  • Consider your business needs: Before choosing a Chrome Extension, ensure that it aligns with your business’s specific needs and goals.
  • Read reviews and ratings: Look at the user ratings on the Chrome store, as well as insightful blog posts and articles that provide hands-on experiences with the tool. track
  • Check compatibility: Ensure that the Chrome Extension is compatible with your system and other critical software used in your setup.
  • Consider pricing: While some Chrome extensions are free, others provide premium versions that might provide additional utility. Ensure that the cost-benefit is in the right balance for your business needs.


Chrome Extensions for SEO are an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. They provide clear insights into website performance, identify areas of improvement, and enable you to make data-driven decisions. With the above-listed Top 10 Chrome Extensions for SEO, you’re guaranteed to improve your website’s SEO and boost your website’s page rank.